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Streets talk? We get you buzzing with online marketing, product sales, customer service management, and more.



Product sitting on the shelf? Stocked too many boxes? We help sell product. With consignment and remix opportunities, SexDrugsMoney targets the right customer for your product. Our customer service and retention strategies increase the rate of return for loyal customers. Our marketing team and promotional campaigns lead to sale conversions and higher margins. We also put the time into planning, promoting, and managing the online presence for your business so you can invest your time into the day to day operations of managing a brick and mortar store.

We specialize in prospecting new customers through niche marketing using social media and digital content. Our customer satisfaction systems help owners build trust and customer loyalty.  Working with the SexDrugsMoney Creative Agency unlocks access to dedicated SEO managers, social media managers, creative managers, email marketing managers, content writers, and more.

Think of us as an umbrella brand for businesses and personalities in cannabis and other adult themed industries.

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