Resolve To Feel Better in 2023

Our mission at Mission Farms CBD is to create hand-crafted premium CBD products that specifically address health conditions like anxiety, pain, and sleeplessness so that you feel good again. We are passionate about offering all-natural,

What’s your new years resolution? Of course we all want to get healthier. Nothing lets us know our time on earth is limited more than year end celebrations. Growing pains. You know, when your family asks if you are going to get married before you die, or if you plan to have that third plate of Lasagna. Maintaining your body is the key to longevity and Mission Farms CBD products are made with specialized cannabinoids to repair and restore your body.

Whether I use them after a workout or to help fall into a deeper sleep faster, Mission Farms CBD products are formulated for the relief needed. I take a gummy before I work out to limber my joints and ease muscle strains. I like to rub a little CBD oil on my temples and forehead at night. It does the trick to release the tension of the day.. I don’t have mind numbing sinus headaches when I wake up anymore. I don’t push many products on my friends, but we are all getting old, and I’m tired of hearing my warehouse homies complain of bad backs and swoll feet. I gifted them Mission Farms Relieve Joint and Muscle Gel. Now they’re complaining about sports again. Hey, that’s what friends are for, right?

Ryan Mega

Mission Farms CBD creates premium, full-spectrum CBD products from our organic farm in the “Napa Valley of Hemp” in Bend, Oregon. Our assortment includes gummies, oils, gels, and creams that are hand-crafted to address specific health conditions and help you Rest, Relax, and Relieve.

Unlike other CBD brands, we custom blend our full-spectrum CBD with organic essential oils and specialized cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDa to create powerful, targeted relief. We’re also proud to offer extremely unique ingredients like goat milk. Since launch in 2018, Mission Farms has rapidly grown to be a national wellness brand. We’re third-party tested for purity and efficacy and considered by many to be among the highest-quality CBD products available. We’ve received over 1,100 reviews averaging 4.7 stars from loyal consumers and have been endorsed by Forbes, Esquire, Ministry of Hemp, and others.

You can trust Mission Farms CBD to help your customers FEEL GOOD AGAIN.

Our all-natural CBD Product lines include:

  • *NEW* CBD Gummies (the most effective CBD gummies available)
  • CBD Oils including Full Spectrum Max (the most effective CBD oil available)
  • CBD Relieve Joint and Muscle Gel
  • CBD Mints
  • CBD Goat Milk Creams
  • CBD Goat Milk Soaps and Bath Soaks
  • Pet CBD Oil
  • And more!